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Check-in – is after 3:00 pm  on arrival date – arrivals after 8pm require prior arrangements

Check-out – is by 11:00am of departure date

The early check in thing:  I get it, you want to maximize your limited time away.  If I ever got to leave here, I’d do the same thing.  But close to 75% of the folks booking rooms ask for an early check-in.  However 75%  of that number dont quite make it, as life has a way of throwing curve balls at all of us – even when we make the best plans.   So, we guarantee the rooms by 3pm.  If you phone us when you are about an hour away, and say “I am in the car and I am on my way” we will clean your room next and we will sincerely try to get you in your room as early as we humanly possibly can.  Please be aware, that while check-out is 11am, there are times that folks dont quite leave at exactly 11am and we are knocking on the room door trying to gently remind them that they must leave as other folks have booked that room.  Most times it is a smooth transition and we are able to make everyone happy.   If you absolutely, postively must be here earlier than 3pm we suggest that you book the prior night as well so nothing gets in your way.   Unless you phone us the day of your confirmed arrival date, please do not show up hours before your check-in time just to let us know you are here. It will simply slow down the entire process of getting your room ready for you.

No Open Flames  – The Fire Marshall does not allow open flames (smoking, candles, incense, etc. ) in our 140+ year old historic inn.

No Pets  – We love animals, but due to strict insurance regulations unfortunately can not accommodate them.  For you repeat guests, Sparky and Spanky sadly left us in January 2011 after 14+ years of diligent work (love) at the inn :-(

Children -Our insurance limits us to children 13 years and above.

Gift Certificates – We sell Evergreen Inn Gift Certificates to help you spread the joy! We no longer accept third party gift certificates.

Minimum Stay Requirements – This varies by time of year and by reservations currently on the books.  “Typically” there is a 2 night minimum stay requirement for a Saturday night stay and a 3 night minimum stay requirement for a Holiday Weekend Stay. Sunday – Thursday nights are covered by our Midweek Special (see below) and one night stays are always fine!  Friday night only reservation requests can usually be accommodated.

Midweek Special - Sunday – Thursday nights (excluding holidays of course) we eliminate breakfast and rooms are HALF price!  Yes, you’ve read the reviews and are dying to see if my breakfast can live up to the hype (it can, it will!) but this sure is a nice way to stretch your dollar and extend your stay.  A LOT of folks add the Sunday night on to Fri/Sat bookings so they can enjoy another beach day, shower, dine, then leave late Sunday night or early Monday morning to enjoy an extra day and miss the traffic.  At half-price, that’s a screaming fabulous deal :-)

Cancellation Policy – Because of our size, last minute cancellations affect us significantly. Cancellations made 14+ days in advance of your confirmed arrival date are given a 90% refund. Cancellations, regardless of the reason, made within 14 days of your confirmed nightly booking arrival date will result in forfeiture of your deposit. Deposits are not transferable to another date. You are always welcome to send a friend or family member in your place.

Deposits are due at the time of booking

  • One night stay – 100%
  • Two or more nights stay – 50%
  • Balance due 7 days prior to confirmed arrival date.

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